Monday, June 4, 2007

Shouldering My World

Last night I tried to clean out my closet. I never realized how many t-shirts hold sentimental value for me. I have so many homemade shirts from high school that I keep thinking my kids (you know, the ones I don't have yet) might get a kick out of wearing someday. Anyway, two bags later, my closet was a little emptier. My thoughts keep turning to California and Bible college. If my biggest problem is worrying about which clothes I can take and which clothes I must leave behind, then I am certainly faced with a weak middle class problem. And yet, for this weak sauce problem, I am deeply thankful.

On that note, my new "urban adventure" backpack arrived in the mail today. It's like a hiking pack but designed for airport travel (fewer straps) and hostel stays. It's bigger than I thought it would be, but it's also small in the sense that I will be trying to fit a week's worth of sunscreen, bug-spray, and clothes in it for my trip to Honduras with my church this summer. I am contemplating sending it back and getting the bigger 75 liter version. First, I will try to pack it with everything I think I will need for a one week trip and see how that goes because I know if I have the extra room I may use it for useless extras that probably do not need to make the thousands of miles trip to Honduras.

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