Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Little Slow on the Uptake

Well, I am no longer between California and Colorado, just Colorado for now.  I decided not to return to school in order to take care of some health issues I have been having - possible Celiac or some acute allergies to wheat and other mystery foods.  

I am not avid blogger.  I am sure if you check this blog ever, you will notice the inconsistency of my entries.  Whelp, I simply journal a lot on paper.  

Beyond the prior prattle, I am beginning to settle in to home again...although "home" in and of itself is an ambiguous term for me right now.  I am not living at home with the parental, nor am I really living anywhere for certain, just kind of floating from one twin bed to the next.  I hope to hear back from a Denver friend with the ok to move into her parental's basement for the next few months.  

Job interviews are great.  I love to talk to people, a quality, which incidentally may not work out so well at a law office that's interested in hiring me.  They are all down to business there.  All two of them.  It should be interesting and fun, but slightly more quiet than what I am accustomed to.  

In the meantime, I am taking time to re-establish old connections, make new ones, and start my own house-cleaning business.  I hope to visit a professor, an old travel buddy, and a best friend before the week in over.  I will also go geo-caching with a few new friends I met last week at a college Bible study group.  Then, it's re-connect time with the bff.  All in all, settling in isn't so bad.  

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