Monday, April 28, 2008

Ticket Genius

Let's face it, gas prices are only going up and up, which also means plane tickets are going up and up. Tonight I looked for a one-way ticket from GJ to Ontario, CA (20 minutes from my school) and found tickets no less than 300 buckeroos and up to 550 buckeroos. I was not having this, so I tried to get creative. If you live in GJ, you may know that there are Las Vegas flights on Thursdays and Sundays. So, I checked them out. $141. How does that get me closer to Ontario?
Enter Southwest Airlines. This airline has a "Wanna Get Away" ticket category. And get this - I found a ticket from Las Vegas to Ontario for $69. Yes! What great success. It gets even better...the lay-over time is only an hour and ten minutes between flights. I have just enough time to sip a Naked Juice and a read a chapter in a book. Sweet genius. I lose a day at home, but I save almost $300. I can live with that.


carrington schaeffer said...

good for you, lay. way to save money.

and way to blog.

and way to include links.

and way to be you.

(i'm so excited for you to come home!!! and i would love to run with you. and write. and chew on leaves...or blossoms)

Orangelillypad said...

Hey, I didn't know you had one of these...I know that's retarded considering you can comment on mine haha...but yah, it was by was my letter to God :) And my aunt's nickname for me is Bert :D

Be Wise said...


It is a wise goal to desire to help the church, just remember that at LIFE, what you hear in your head might not be God talking to you but someone channeling who knows the Bible well and is using your spiritual energy and physical energy when you do what you believe is 'god'. Check every spirit against with what you know in the Word of God. A lot of channeling has been destroying the body of Christ as pentacostal's believe that they are hearing 'god' and do as the voice says since they are in tune to listening to God in the spiritual realm in the first place. Be wise in Him and discern the difference between Him and the enemy's voice. He always feels like all of you, viseral, when He is communicating with you. The channeling is what you hear inside your head that seems like your own thoughts, with someone else talking to you.